Neck Floats for Babies – Sink or Swim?

neck floats

You may have seen images of babies suspended by their necks in water by semi-solid or inflatable rings, the photographs generally display babies looking serene and relaxed, enjoying a so-called ‘Pampering Experience’.  For as little as £2.49 you can purchase your baby an inflatable neck ring online and recreate a baby spa in your own bathroom! These products are sold as “Safety Aids” and “Unique Swim Gifts”, it is claimed that they “Exercise your baby’s strength and ability to grasp” and that they “Encourage early mobility, exploration & a love for water play” but in our opinion (and many other professionals) we believe this device is completely overlooking the real benefits of introducing young babies to water.

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Choosing The Right Swim School


Teacher in pool explaining next exercise to children swimmers sat on the side of swimming pool.

Swim School lesson with Aquatots Swimming Ltd

All Aquatots teachers come to us with an existing ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) or STA (Swimming Teacher Association) level 2 qualification. This means they have all undergone the relevant training in a nationally recognised framework to ensure that before they even begin their hundred hours of Aquatots training they are able to deliver lessons to a high and consistent level. (This qualification has been designed by both the ASA and the STA to train would be swimming Teachers to teach children from the ages of 3 upwards.)  This is true of all professional swimming teachers so what happens when your Swim School or teacher are not able to meet your expectations?

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Aquatots Baby Swimming Testimonial

We love getting feedback from our parents and swimmers but this is the first time we have ever had a blog testimonial written about us! If you are still in two minds about the benefits of Baby Swimming or choosing Aquatots as your preferred Swim School then read on to see some excerpts from Karen Whitlock’s blog “Stopping At Two”

“On parenting forums, there are frequent discussions on whether baby swimming lessons are worth the money. It is cheaper to go swimming at the leisure centre, where both of us can be in the water with the girls, but I haven’t regretted the money spent on the Aquatots courses for one minute”

“Aquatots courses are progressive. Everyone starts off at Duckling level and then move on through the courses at their own pace, once certain skills have been mastered”

“Fiona runs Aquatots. She is very experienced and it really shows. I have been amazed at how well Freyja has done with her”

“She (Freyja) happily dives in from the side, or throws herself in from a float (something that she has NEVER wanted to do)”

“There are free catch-up lessons if your child is ill so can’t do the lesson too! And what I have been most impressed with is that they have tried to be really accommodating with when lessons are, so the girls have theirs back-to-back”

“Aquatots do free taster sessions – so you can at least try before you buy a term of lessons”

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Thanks to Karen for such including us in her blog, its a pleasure to teach Frejya and Emily 🙂

Fiona Munt-Whittle
Aquatots Managing Director

Aquatots Swimming – Swimming at its best!

Aquatots Swimming - Swimming at its best!

How times change ! When we started back in 1998 we didn’t have social networking to help us connect with our swimmers or to promote the business yet here we are 16 years later blogging!
Let me tell you a little about Aquatots Swimming…. My enthusiasm for baby swimming started with the birth of my first child who learned to swim at nine months despite having special needs. I taught all four of my children to swim using the techniques we teach at Aquatots today. All our teachers are ASA Level II qualified, fully trained lifesavers, with specialist skills in Infant Submersion Techniques. Due to the training necessary to meet the high standards of Aquatots, it takes two years to become a fully qualified Aquatots swimming teacher!
We truly believe that learning to swim the Aquatots way can aid the cognitive, physical and social development of your baby. Its proven to have amazing health benefits for babies as swimming can strengthen lungs, heart and respiratory development, which in turn aids development of the brain – aren’t these things every parent wants for their child!
We currently have Aquatots classes available in Gloucestershire and the surrounding counties and we swim 7 days a week – you can find out more about us on our website or call us on 01684 296296.
So now I feel I have broken the ice and begun my blogging journey. I hope you will join me as I blog so I can keep you update with news, tips and competitions.
Fiona Munt-Whittle