Showering before swimming – the reasons why!

shower sign

Showering before jumping into water sounds a bit of a contradiction doesn’t it yet here at Aquatots we request you do it before every lesson.

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Dispelling the Myths of dry and secondary drowning.

Photo 1

We have recently seen some stories regarding dry or secondary drowning on social media sites that understandably may make you hesitant about taking your baby swimming if you do not know all the facts so here we are setting the record straight.

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Excuses, excuses


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • My tummy just isn’t the same since giving birth.
  • I have cellulite
  • I just need to go to the gym for a few months first
  • I don’t want to get my hair wet

Throughout my life as a Mother and Swimming Instructor I’ve heard these reasons and many more countless times, they are the excuses used to not to get into a swimming pool.  I’ve heard Mum’s say them with real pained expressions on their faces, they really, really don’t want to strip off down to a swimming costume and walk through the pool area half naked!

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Swimming with eczema


What is eczema?

Eczema (also known as dermatitis) is highly individual in its nature and affects 1 in 5 children in the UK.  It varies from person to person, comes in many different forms and is not contagious.

Skin provides a strong, effective barrier that protects the body from infection or irritation – it is made up of a thin outer layer, a fairly elastic one in the middle, and a fatty layer at the deepest level. Each layer contains skin cells, water and fats, all of which help maintain and protect the condition of the skin.  Healthy skin cells are plumped up with water, forming a protective barrier against damage and infection, fats and oils help to keep the water in.

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Top Tips when swimming with your baby


Baby swimming is a rewarding experience and completely natural. The first year of a life is crucial in terms of a baby’s development, as it is in this period that the brain grows most rapidly. Regular exercise plays a vital role in development with every movement they make helping to strengthen their brain for new learning.

Swimming helps build the bond between you and your baby, you are starting them on a habit that will last a lifetime as well teaching them an important and potentially life-saving skill.

We have gathered some TOP TIPS to help you and your baby prepare for your first swimming experience and beyond.

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Aquatots Brews Up For Macmillan’s World Biggest Coffee Morning

Aquatots, Macmillan, Cake and surprise visitor Peppa Pig!

Aquatots swimmer Olivia feeding Peppa Pig

Coffee, Cake, Bunting and Balloons, we had them ready…well nearly all ready – I was still icing my cake 10 minutes before we opened our doors on Friday 26th September for our Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Research

Our managing director Fiona Munt-Whittle

The sun was shining, the kettle was boiled and the Aquatots team had home-baked a range of goodies to serve up but would anyone come?! This was our first charity event for Macmillan and knowing that we were just one of thousands of Coffee Mornings taking place throughout the UK we were a little concerned that we would be left with a lot of cake if nobody arrived (although we weren’t that distressed at the idea of having to eat it!). We need not have worried though because our first visitor arrived just after 10am and then they just kept coming!

                 Eating cakeHome-baked cakes from the Aquatots team

Alongside the coffee and cake donations we had decided to optimise the opportunity of raising valuable funds for Macmillan and so we adapted the “Guess The 100’s and 1000’s On The Cake” sweepstake game we had been provided. This allowed our Aquatots teachers to take them poolside at all of our lessons leading up to the Coffee Morning giving all the parents that could not make it on the day the chance to donate and play. In addition we created a prize draw and were very fortunate to be given some generous donations from local Gloucestershire businesses – these included:

£50 meal voucher from Tewkesbury Park Hotel
Luxurious facial from Leigh’s Therapies
24 hours in a VW ‘Glampervan’ from Comfy Campers
Hair voucher from Emma Lawson’s Ell Hair Studio in Tewkesbury
Exercises classes from Tred Training
Body lotion from Neals Yard

Together we raised a whopping £285.45 for Macmillan and had such a successful morning that we plan to make this an annual event. Thank you to all that made this possible.

Fiona Munt-Whittle
Aquatots Managing Director

Aquatots Baby Swimming Testimonial

We love getting feedback from our parents and swimmers but this is the first time we have ever had a blog testimonial written about us! If you are still in two minds about the benefits of Baby Swimming or choosing Aquatots as your preferred Swim School then read on to see some excerpts from Karen Whitlock’s blog “Stopping At Two”

“On parenting forums, there are frequent discussions on whether baby swimming lessons are worth the money. It is cheaper to go swimming at the leisure centre, where both of us can be in the water with the girls, but I haven’t regretted the money spent on the Aquatots courses for one minute”

“Aquatots courses are progressive. Everyone starts off at Duckling level and then move on through the courses at their own pace, once certain skills have been mastered”

“Fiona runs Aquatots. She is very experienced and it really shows. I have been amazed at how well Freyja has done with her”

“She (Freyja) happily dives in from the side, or throws herself in from a float (something that she has NEVER wanted to do)”

“There are free catch-up lessons if your child is ill so can’t do the lesson too! And what I have been most impressed with is that they have tried to be really accommodating with when lessons are, so the girls have theirs back-to-back”

“Aquatots do free taster sessions – so you can at least try before you buy a term of lessons”

Read the Blog in its entirety here –

Thanks to Karen for such including us in her blog, its a pleasure to teach Frejya and Emily 🙂

Fiona Munt-Whittle
Aquatots Managing Director