Preparing for your Taster Session


In the bath

  • Whilst washing baby’s hair, drip some clean water onto their face.
  • Use a toy watering can to dribble water directly onto baby’s head or take a shower together and let the water run freely over baby’s face.
  • Older ones could try watering themselves with a toy watering can.
  • Practise holding baby whilst they are wet they can be very slippery.
  • Breastfeeding in the bath is a lovely way to bond and a reassuring way to get baby used to a larger bathing arena.
  • Use the adult bath rather than a baby bath to prepare baby for a larger unrestricted environment.
  • Smaller babies could spend a few minutes every day on their tummies to help build up their core and help with their strengthening exercises.


In a pool

  • Have fun in the water, smile and reassure baby all the time.
  • Try chasing a toy or ball around the pool, if old enough encourage baby to reach for the toy.
  • Practise holding on to the side, use your hands to cover theirs, put your knee under their bottom to stop them hanging
  • Blow bubbles in the water, children love to mimic you and it’s a great breathing exercise.


photo 1 (3)

Other tips

  • Try new swimming kit on out of the pool so baby isn’t overwhelmed by their new outfit and you know how to put it on!
  • Check you have the right size nappies (under and over) before the lesson. We recommend TotsBots and sell them in our online shop (one TotsBots under-nappy costs the same as a pack of disposables and lasts longer!)
  • Know where you are going, how long it’ll take and where to park if you are driving.
  • Allow plenty of time so that you don’t arrive to your taster stressed.
  • Pack up your kit the day before so there are no last minute panics, remember a towel for both you and your baby and a changing mat (roll-up mats are the perfect solution)
  • Research our beginner Duckling courses and costs online before the session, it’s a shame to try something and love it to then realise there is no day or time in the schedule to suit you.



Do Not

  • Try submerging your baby without advice and preparation.
  • Overwhelm your child by trying everything at once.
  • Look worried or anxious – baby can sense your mood!
  • Leave your Taster Session if baby is unsettled, we bring plenty of toys so take yourself off to the side to watch and let baby play.

We hope you find these tips helpful for preparing for your baby’s first swimming lesson, thanks for reading.


The Benefits of Reusable Swim Nappies!


One of the most important policies Aquatots Swimming has is ‘double bagging’ your child!  This simply means that every infant that swims with us that is not 100% toilet trained is expected to wear a swim nappy (either washable or disposable) underneath a neoprene over-nappy.
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Neck Floats for Babies – Sink or Swim?

neck floats

You may have seen images of babies suspended by their necks in water by semi-solid or inflatable rings, the photographs generally display babies looking serene and relaxed, enjoying a so-called ‘Pampering Experience’.  For as little as £2.49 you can purchase your baby an inflatable neck ring online and recreate a baby spa in your own bathroom! These products are sold as “Safety Aids” and “Unique Swim Gifts”, it is claimed that they “Exercise your baby’s strength and ability to grasp” and that they “Encourage early mobility, exploration & a love for water play” but in our opinion (and many other professionals) we believe this device is completely overlooking the real benefits of introducing young babies to water.

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Summer Water Safety

Life savings 2

At Aquatots we pride ourselves in not only teaching babies and children how to swim but also giving them the skills to save their own lives (and during our higher levels the skills to save others!).  Having these skills does reduce the risk of serious water related incidents BUT accidents happen especially to young children and we ask that you NEVER become complacent about the dangers, teach your children to respect water and always supervise them when they are around water.

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Aquatot to Aqua’champ

Aquatots Swimming Ltd is the new sponsor of record breaking swimmer Tazmin Pugh, ranked 1st in the Europe in the 200m fly (short course).
When Dad Ian began Aquatot baby swimming classes with daughter Tazmin aged at 6 months he never imagined the lengths she would swim to get to the promising position she is in now.  Aquatots Managing Director and teacher Fiona Munt-Whittle recognised the raw talent of Tazmin even from such a young age and supportive Ian took Fiona’s advice and regularly visitied the pool with Tazmin outside of lessons to encourage her enthusiam for swimming.
At 15 Tazmin is travelling the world competing for England, her recent trip to the Commonweath Youth Games in Somoa saw her win 6 medals out of 8 events and help Team England come second with an overall 25 medals (Tazmin bringing home the most individual medals!).
The lastest exciting news is that Tazmin has been offered a place by British Swimming on the World Class programme ‘Podium Potential’, this small group compises of athletes whose performances indicate they have realistic capabilities for making the Olympic Team in 2016 and medal potential at those Games or in 2020, she is also due to represent Team GB in Canada this December!
Pershore raised Tazmin joined her first swim team at 5 and is now on a sponsorship at Ellesmere College regularly competing for her school team the ‘Titans’  – In fact she represented the West Midlands at the English Schools Swimming Inter-Divisional Championships (short-course) in Leeds on 3rd / 4th October where she gained her ‘1st in Europe’ title.
It does not stop there though, Tazmin’s older sister Brittany now takes her 2 year old son Ted swimming at our Tewkesbury Park Hotel venue.  With Auntie Tazmin as a role model and swimming talent running in the family – who knows where Ted will be in a few years time – WATCH THIS SPACE!

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Excuses, excuses


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • My tummy just isn’t the same since giving birth.
  • I have cellulite
  • I just need to go to the gym for a few months first
  • I don’t want to get my hair wet

Throughout my life as a Mother and Swimming Instructor I’ve heard these reasons and many more countless times, they are the excuses used to not to get into a swimming pool.  I’ve heard Mum’s say them with real pained expressions on their faces, they really, really don’t want to strip off down to a swimming costume and walk through the pool area half naked!

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Swimming with eczema


What is eczema?

Eczema (also known as dermatitis) is highly individual in its nature and affects 1 in 5 children in the UK.  It varies from person to person, comes in many different forms and is not contagious.

Skin provides a strong, effective barrier that protects the body from infection or irritation – it is made up of a thin outer layer, a fairly elastic one in the middle, and a fatty layer at the deepest level. Each layer contains skin cells, water and fats, all of which help maintain and protect the condition of the skin.  Healthy skin cells are plumped up with water, forming a protective barrier against damage and infection, fats and oils help to keep the water in.

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