Neck Floats for Babies – Sink or Swim?

neck floats

You may have seen images of babies suspended by their necks in water by semi-solid or inflatable rings, the photographs generally display babies looking serene and relaxed, enjoying a so-called ‘Pampering Experience’.  For as little as £2.49 you can purchase your baby an inflatable neck ring online and recreate a baby spa in your own bathroom! These products are sold as “Safety Aids” and “Unique Swim Gifts”, it is claimed that they “Exercise your baby’s strength and ability to grasp” and that they “Encourage early mobility, exploration & a love for water play” but in our opinion (and many other professionals) we believe this device is completely overlooking the real benefits of introducing young babies to water.

At Aquatots Swimming Ltd we strongly believe in and actively promote the bonding opportunity that our courses offer.  The closeness between parent and child is necessary to encourage the confidence the child needs to learn water skills such as kicking and reaching.  Being in the water together gives the opportunity for a child to explore in a safe and fun environment. Using a neck float is effectively isolating the baby and restricting free movement, how much can they really explore whilst hanging vertically beneath the float!

Now for some medical evidence! Did you know that infant development is cephalo-caudal, which means it starts from the head and works down?  Take a minute to think about suspending a young baby in water with only its neck supported, even with the natural buoyancy of water imagine of the strain the ligaments and muscles have to endure, even for a short period of time.  Fortunately one of the world’s leading experts on baby swimming, Françoise Freedman, has worked with the STA and Shawn Tomlinson to produce a “message of caution” which provides in-depth information about the damaging effect this newest ‘Pamper Experience’ could have. Whilst it may not be a short read it does explain about how babies ‘work’ and provides links to all the relevant and current data to substantiate it. Read the full report ‘The Hidden Risks of Floating Neck Rings for Babies’ HERE 

The original idea behind this ‘fad’ came after it was recognised that water floatation tanks can be used to help adults disengage from the stresses and strains of everyday life and somebody, somewhere felt that babies were missing out on this experience! Despite us meeting thousands of children we are yet to meet a baby that was worried about paying the mortgage!


  • In 2015 a leading supplier of their own branded neck floatation device recalled THREE THOUSAND units due to them posing a risk of drowning!
  • Babies already spend a lot of time in contraptions that isolate them from human contact.
  • It will set you back more than £60 an hour to take your newborn to a baby spa!.


“I think it looks horrific; it doesn’t give any consideration to the body posture underwater, and I’m sure could, therefore, do lasting damage. Teaching any age of a child that it’s ok to put things around their neck (which could become instilled behaviour through repeated use) can never be a good thing, and as you say that whole bonding experience of swimming with your baby is lost through the use of these devices.

I would imagine it could also breed complacency in some parents; putting 100% confidence in anything around water will, unfortunately, lead to a terrible accident, and heaven forbid it would take that to end the use of something which looks entirely unbeneficial in the first place.” – Pippa (Aquatot Parent)

We do hope we have provided you with enough information for you to make an informed decision.

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Why Aquatots gives ‘Something for Nothing!’

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‘Freebies’….a word that can make people very suspicious – can you really get Something for Nothing?  At Aquatots we have a core belief – ‘If YOU are happy then we are happy’!  This is why FOUR times a year we offer completely FREE, no strings attached Baby Swimming Taster Sessions.  They are not a gimmick or a stunt to trap you, there is not a sales person hiding in the changing rooms to encourage you to sign up to a full course or a hidden cost of the Taster Session if you decide not to start your baby swimming with Aquatots.  They are simply our way of giving you and your baby the opportunity to experience what we can do and more importantly allowing you to decide if you like it.

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Swimming with Special Needs

Lynn is an Aquatots Mum, she has been bringing her 10 month old daughter Libby to lessons for five months and is progressing up the levels as expected but Lynn is no ordinary Mum, she is registered disabled.  Lynn has a mixture of orthopaedic conditions, the main conditions are bilateral acetabular and femoral dysplasia which means her hip sockets and femurs didn’t develop properly as she was growing. She also have scoliosis which is a curvature of the spine and some disk degeneration.

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Keeping Baby Well This Winter


It is not easy avoiding bugs especially at this time of year, most winter viruses are airborne so it does not take much to pick up a cold but there are a few tips to help fend off those pesky germs!

  1. Make sure babies vaccinations are up-to date
  2. Wash yours and babies hands often to stop germs spreading.
  3. Scientists have recently discovered that cold noses and feet can actually lower our defenses so wrap baby up warm,
  4. If baby is on solid foods then include as much fresh fruit and vegetables into their diet as possible.
  5. Make sure baby is hydrated.
  6. Opening windows for a short while in the day can help to circulate fresh air around the house.
  7. Central heating can cause stuffy noses so only turn it on when you need to, try and keep babies room temperature between 16 and 20 degrees C.


We have a few tips to make sure that taking your baby swimming does not result in picking up a winter nasty!

  1. Ear infections don’t just cause earache they can also lead to a high temperature, poor appetite and restlessness at night-time. Swimming can be responsible for outer ear infections but this can be prevented by ensuring your baby’s ear canal is dry after a swim, you can do this by allowing the ear canal to drain naturally by tipping baby’s head gently to one side and then the other until you see the water drain away – then dry the ears with a towel, avoid poking anything into the ear such as cotton buds.


  1. Ensure the swimming pool you visit has clean water, most pools are regulated and Aquatots ensures that the correct health and safety checks have been carried out and that the water is tested regularly at all the pools we use. Private pools and ones abroad however may not be regulated and may cause you and baby to be ill!


  1. Aquatots sells Aqua bands in our online shop. These neoprene bands sit snugly to baby’s head to keep the water out, and they also come with earplugs for extra protection.  We recommend these if your child is susceptible to ear infections.  AQUA BANDS


  1. Hooded towels are ideal for baby after getting out of the pool, the air temperature outside of the pool may feel a little chilly especially after getting out of a hydro pool.


  1. Ensure baby is wrapped up warmly before leaving the swimming pool, dry their hair and pop on a hat before heading out into the cold.