Preparing For Your First Lesson

Before you attend your first lesson it is always a good idea to familiarise yourself with your venue especially if you are visiting a location for the first time. We do occasionally get calls from parents who have got lost on their way to class which can be extremely stressful – not the best start! You will have received a fact sheet about your pool, including full postal address, before you start your course. 

Pool location details can also be found by clicking HERE

What to Wear
ALL babies need to be ‘double-bagged’. This means they need to wear two forms of ‘swim nappy’ under their costume. An absorbent layer, such as a Huggies little swimmer or Pampers equivalent, followed by a secure and snug fitting second layer, such as the Nappicova by Konfidence which is available from our website shop. Aquatots also recommend the reuseable, washable swim nappy by ‘Tots Bots’, coupled with the ‘Nappicova by Konfidence make the ideal combination for a safe and happy swim. They both provide a snug fit around the waist and legs which prevent leakages and contain any possible accidents. Please note that Huggies and Pampers disposable swim nappies, can be re-used over and over again if baby hasn’t soiled in them. Just rinse, dry out and re-use, they are an expensive throw away item so you can save money this way. 

Its always a good idea to go with your bathing costume on underneath your clothes to save time. Allow at least 15 minutes between arriving at your chosen venue and getting in the pool. Some of our pools will require a little more time as they may have an escort to take you through the school to the pool or you may want to put a wetsuit on your baby If you are swimming at a special school with an entry code, make a note of the code in your phone so you always have it to hand. 

Fiona’s Top Tip – “Always get yourselves changed first! I’m afraid I learnt the hard way with my first baby, and was left scantily clad and grabbing a towel to hide my modesty as I chased my son down the corridor of our local leisure club after he realised that he could reach the door handle and escape!” Your baby will be perfectly happy stripped off and lying wrapped in a towel while you get yourselves dressed and organised, then you can attend to them. Most of our pools also have travel cots to help you with your newly mobile toddler.Please look at our FAQ’s & Parent Tips for more useful information

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