Aquanatal Yoga – what’s it all about?

Three pregnant ladies starting a class of AquaBumps with Aquatots Swimming

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of working out in water, it improves balance, increases flexibility and burns calories – but why is water-based exercise becoming so popular within pregnancy?

Pioneered by the non-profit organisation Birthlight. Accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and taught by trained Teachers, AquaBumps Aqua-Natal Yoga is a gentle yet very effective form of exercise for pregnant women. 

Water is a great medium to exercise in due to its low impact, it enables individuals to find the best level of resistance for their abilities and needs and it offers the potential for a level of flexibility that isn’t always possible out of the water, especially when you have the added weight and obstruction that comes with carrying a baby!

Holistically Aqua-Natal Yoga focuses on breathing and relaxing making it an activity that helps relieve tension and anxiety by releasing ‘happy hormones’ which can make you feel relaxed, calm and positive. 

Physically it focuses on building core strength, keeping the spine straight and supple, toning abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and increasing oxygen supply to match the increase in blood volume and cardiac output.  The Pelvis Partnership recognises that Aquanatal Yoga can also help to relieve the painful symptoms of Pelvic girdle pain (PGP) (previously known as symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)).

Sessions are socially beneficial as Mum-to-bes are exercising alongside one another which provides a positive and intimate environment to support each other. The classes also provide a bonding opportunity between mum and her growing baby, it allows an opportunity to take a step back from normal day-to-day activities and experience the same weightlessness feeling that baby is accustomed to in the womb.

Once baby is born you can choose to enrol onto the first term of the Aquatots Foundation Programme (Duckling level) so that baby moves from one watery environment to another!

You can find out more about Aquatots AquaBumps classes here and Aquatots Foundation Duckling classes here

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