The Benefits of Reusable Swim Nappies!


One of the most important policies Aquatots Swimming has is ‘double bagging’ your child!  This simply means that every infant that swims with us that is not 100% toilet trained is expected to wear a swim nappy (either washable or disposable) underneath a neoprene over-nappy.

As you can imagine the consequences of children having ‘accidents’ in swimming pools is not only inconvenient as the pool needs to be evacuated, it also presents a health hazard as one of the types of bacteria found in faecal matter is cryptosporidium which is resistant and difficult to kill, it is also expensive as the pool needs to increase the chemical levels to kill the bacteria then decrease them to safe levels for swimming as well as go through a back-washing procedure so a lengthy closure.


The most popular under-nappies that our parents use are disposable – you can buy these at supermarkets, chemists and online but are they the best option!  In the UK around 2.5 billion nappies are thrown away each year, only a percentage of these are swim nappies but as each nappy is estimated to take 500 years to completely break down in landfill sites it is definitely worth researching alternatives.

Tots Bots

We stock reusable under-nappies in our online store and although one nappy is roughly the same cost as a couple of packs of disposables, they can be used time and time again and sold or passed on once your child has grown out of them.  Just think how many disposable nappies you could get through on a beach/pool holiday compared to a washable and reusable eco-friendly one!

The other benefits of reusables are that they fit like a nappy, no more trying to pull up pants on a fidgety baby! With the choice of reusable nappies on the market, you are more likely to find one that fits your child comfortably instead of using a generically designed disposable swim nappy AND they come in different designs so are much more visually appealing!


With fantastic national programmes such as the volunteer-run Nappy Network that have nappy libraries spread across the country, you can ‘try before you buy’ by borrowing reusable options before taking the plunge.

The decision is now yours, will you add your number to the tiny (but growing) percentage of parents that are swapping to reusable swim nappies and help support a greener planet?

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