Why Aquatots gives ‘Something for Nothing!’

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‘Freebies’….a word that can make people very suspicious – can you really get Something for Nothing?  At Aquatots we have a core belief – ‘If YOU are happy then we are happy’!  This is why FOUR times a year we offer completely FREE, no strings attached Baby Swimming Taster Sessions.  They are not a gimmick or a stunt to trap you, there is not a sales person hiding in the changing rooms to encourage you to sign up to a full course or a hidden cost of the Taster Session if you decide not to start your baby swimming with Aquatots.  They are simply our way of giving you and your baby the opportunity to experience what we can do and more importantly allowing you to decide if you like it.


We spoke to new Aquatots Mum Natalie after her recent taster session with her 4 month old son Rhys to see how she had found the whole process from booking on to the actual session, which can seem to be rather daunting with a small baby in tow.

Natalie was keen to start Rhys swimming but wanted to ensure she found the best group to suit them, she wanted to make sure both she and her baby were comfortable and enjoyed being in the pool so she attended 2 other swim school’s Taster Sessions as well as ours.  Once Natalie had found an Aquatots Taster Session that had a date, time and venue to suit her she called up our office and booked the session over the telephone, the whole process was easy and quick and she felt that the follow up emails gave her lots of information so that she was prepared when arriving to her session.

This was Natalie’s first time visiting her chosen pool; Cheltenham Park Hotel but she felt confident about turning up and being ready although she did not know any of the other parents.  The session was run by one of our eleven Aquatots instructors; Lisa Bennett who Natalie has described as “amazing, friendly, inviting and a good Teacher”.

Lisa and SS

Natalie said the pool was very accessible and she felt it was really useful to actually be able to get into the pool with Rhys and not to just have a guided tour.

Natalie was joined by other parents taking their babies into a swimming pool for the first time so understandably some were nervous but the 25 minute Taster Session went well, the environment was friendly and everyone enjoyed themselves especially Rhys who “loved” the water.  Throughout the session Teacher Lisa was able to show the parents how to hold their babies and to encourage them in the water.  She also showed them how to help their babies become more ‘water-ready’, to enable them to learn the skills and exercises we teach thus giving them a solid stepping stone up to a full length course should they decide to continue swimming with us.

After the Taster Session Natalie went home and booked onto one of our starter Duckling Courses the very same day!

When asked, she described the session as the best Taster she had been too, the friendly accessible pool and good facilities along with Aquatots smaller class sizes were some of the deciding factors for her.  Natalie believes that seeing the pool, meeting the teacher and having the opportunity to learn about the benefits of swimming with Aquatots, not just in the pool but the support we give to parents when babies are sick or a holiday is coming up, helped her make her decision.  Natalie is convinced that the Taster Session was definitely worth the visit and she can’t wait to watch Rhys learn and develop his swimming skills with Aquatots.


We do pride ourselves on being ‘Simply The Best Baby Swimming Company’, we are confident that our Aquatots swim level programmes written by our own Managing Director Fiona gives your baby the very best chance of learning survival and swimming skills.  The best way for you to experience Baby Swimming Lessons is first-hand during a Taster Session – we understand that you wouldn’t buy a new car without test-driving it or buy a house without viewing it so why would you sign up your precious baby without having the opportunity to ensure it is safe, progressive and worthwhile!

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Fiona Munt-Whittle



One thought on “Why Aquatots gives ‘Something for Nothing!’

  1. Rhys is now in his 5th week of swimming and is amazing underwater and confident because of the skills Lisa is teaching! All the babies in the class are happy and enjoy the time in the water! It truely is amazing! I was recommend it by friends in groups already but until I had done the trails my self and saw other swim schools that my decision was made easy! Aqua tots all the way! Xx

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