Is it easy to be an Ethical Small Business?

We think it is, actually maybe it is easier when you have a smaller committed team.

Right from the beginning I made a conscious effort to move my business forward ethically and as Aquatots grew it became a core value – the big secret is TRUST! The office staff, the swimming instructors and I trust each other and we all trust in the ‘product’ – we know our Aquatots methods and techniques for teaching babies to swim are the very best!   As a team we are easily able to project to our customers that we are a business that is transparent and has nothing to hide, this is why we have a huge customer retention rate and have a healthy intake of new swimmers every term.


So what other ethical practices can a small business adopt?   How many employers overlook their employees and are rigid and inconsistent, how many are cash orientated to a point that profit over quality?  Of course as a business you need to generate an income to flourish and grow but a steady rate is preferable to ‘burnout’– here at Aquatots Swimming we recognise everybody’s strengths and encourage idea sharing and active participation in decision making – that’s what makes us so strong and able to compete in an every growing market for baby swimming lessons.


Aquatots Swimming is not just a company that talks about sustainability we actively do our part in supporting the community by employing people local to our swimming pool venues and giving them constant training and support , we also work alongside other local small businesses – employing their talents as consultants and suppliers.  We do our best to minimise energy use and waste, we utilise recycled products and materials from ink cartridges to paper and we are exploring ways on how to broaden that to include outgrown swimming costumes and baby swimming equipment.

baby and toy

Aquatots understands that ethical values mean different things to different people, but I have been lucky to be able to match my moral values to those of the business and the people I have employed have been completely on-board.  We all understand that being ethical helps us to be sustainable which in turn gives our swimmers the security that we will be here, giving 100%, from the first swimming lesson right up to when our swimmers leave us.

Sister and brother

Thanks for reading

Fiona Munt-Whittle

Aquatots Managing Director


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